Weed and Coffee the effects when combining the two.

Since the legalization of cannabis across Canada there has been an increase of the population consuming Cannabis.

“Cannabis and Coffee” are two of the most widely used/popular psychoactive substances among us today. Yet there has been zero scientific evidence to determin if in fact, when combining these two, will any “benefits” or “side effects?” be evident?.

What happens when “Cannabis and Coffee” are combined?
Over 80% of the Canadian population are recreationally consuming caffeine to boost their daily energy levels, while the next 30% who are
consuming cannabis.. ARE also combining the two. Some are calling it the perfect “combo” according to our servay on “REDDIT

Studies have proven that caffeine and cannabis both increase dopamine production. With both combined this may also increase the risk of addiction to either substance.

Each individuals chemistry intermix differently to each substance. A general note, there are some more common experience’s to expect.

Cannabis has been wildly considerd a downer depending on what strain you are smoking, but many people use it to feel more relaxed as for coffee it’s consider an upper.

Caffeine is a psychoactive drug that provides a feeling of euphoria. Therefore, caffeine provides a feeling of alertness by blocking Adenosine.

Cannabis provides very a similar, euphoric feeling from releasing dopamine into the brain. Many enjoy combining caffeine and cannabis, most have a feeling of hightened euphoria.

High doses, of caffeine could cause several adverse side effects, including:
Sleep disorders
High blood pressure
Irregular heartbeat
Increased urination
Increased gastric acid
Increased cholesterol levels
Increased risk of depression or anxiety

Negative side effects associated with weed. These include:
Reduced memory function
Dry mouth or eyes
Reduced concentration and coordination

Caffeine and cannabis both have a powerful influence over the human body due to their ability to bind with receptors that exist in our brains and nervous systems.

Much more research is needed into the subject, but you might want to practice moderation.

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